What do I need to bring?

Your pets MUST come with their collar and lead, their vaccination certificates C5 for dogs. We have a no vaccine no stay policy for the protection of all our furry guests. Please supply any special dietary foods and medications along with an instruction sheet.

Do I need to provide identification when checking in or checking out?

Yes. Your ID maybe required and your pets vaccination certificate.

Do I need to bring anything else for my pet?

No. We will provide all bowls, bedding and food unless your pet is on a special diet for health reasons. Our sleeping houses are clean, warm and located inside. Our bedding is flea free and washed daily and all pens are disinfected daily. Toys are not necessary as there will be plenty to keep your pet busy.

Do I need to complete any boarding documentation?

Yes. You must read and sign our Boarding Agreements and complete a Pet Profile

What if I cannot drive to the Pet Resort in time, to check in between 8am and 11am?

Easy, we have our Waggin’ Good Time shuttle service so we can come to you. See our shuttle charges here. Alternatively, you can request an afternoon check-in from 3pm to 5pm Sunday to Friday. This incurs a half-day surcharge. Please contact us to make arrangements.

What if we arrive home from our holiday and we cannot wait to see our pet/s and need to pick up in the afternoon between 3pm and 5pm?

Yes, this can be arranged however a half-day surcharge will apply. This needs to be organised at the time of booking or check-in. Alternatively, we could drop your pet home in the Waggin’ Good Time van. See charges here.

Will my pet be socialised?

Yes, under supervision we will find your pet a friendly holiday companion.

My dog is extremely active, will they receive enough exercise?

Yes. We have three acres of grassed exercise yards, agility equipment and they will easily find a new friend to play with. However, you can book your dog in for a Bushwalk or Farm Excursion. This is a personalised service with an additional charge.

My dog is spoilt, will they be alright once I leave?

We spend extra quality time with first-time guests to ensure they feel comfortable. Usually, within 12-24 hours, they will be part of the family. We find once you drop them off and your dog sees and hears other dogs their tail is wagging madly and they can’t wait to meet some new friends.

Can I bring my dog along for an inspection?

Yes. You are welcome to inspect our property and kennels by making an appointment. Dog needs to be registered in our kennel booker. Plus dog must be vaccinated and waiver signed.

Are some dogs physically tired after boarding? Why?

Yes, dogs do get tired and they will most probably exercise more here than at home. For this reason, we do have a siesta time from 11am to 2pm daily. Many dogs get bored and sleep a lot at home, but we will have them out for most of the day in one of our many exercise yards, so they have lots of socialisation and stimulation. Once home dogs generally bounce back once they have caught up on their sleep and rest. This can take 2-3 days.

How do you clean the kennels?

We have two dedicated playtimes morning and afternoon where your pet will be outside playing. This is when we clean and disinfect the kennels, provide fresh beds and clean the whole facility. Yes, it’s like just resort accommodation.

Do you have a minimum stay during peak periods?

Yes. Easter and Public Holiday long weekends require a three-day minimum stay. The Christmas and New Year period requires a five-day minimum stay.

Are there surcharges for peak periods?

Yes. A surcharge of $5 per dog. See our Boarding Rates for full details.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A booking fee/deposit of 50% is required for all bookings. Peak periods require full payment to secure bookings.

Do you have cancellation fees?

Your 50% deposit is refunded for off-peak periods if we receive your cancellation 48hrs prior to your stay. Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel inside 48 hours.

In peak periods, bookings cancelled outside 3 days prior to your stay you will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Peak Period cancellations inside 3 days prior to stay will be non-refundable.

I’ve seen some great pet equipment, fencing, beds, crates, coats, accessories at your kennels and in photos on your website and Facebook Page, can this be purchased?

Yes. We do have an online store called A Waggin’ Good Petstore. Visit our website to see the full range.

Can my dog be trained while boarding?

Yes. We have various Boarding and Training programs. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can then suggest a program for your dog. We won’t be training during Easter, Christmas and New year period.

If my dog has previously completed a training program can they have a refresher course when boarding next time.

Yes. Many owners take the opportunity for refresher training. Just contact us at the time of booking.

Is my dog safe from snakes and other vermin?

Yes, we inspect all areas daily and snake-proof where possible. In Summer and during snake season, all play areas are inspected before we allow dogs to enter. For bush and farm walks dogs are on long leads so our staff are right there to make sure your best friend is safe.

What payment options do you offer?

We have a merchant machine for payments at the resort. A surcharge of 1.65% will apply for credit cards. You can also do a direct bank transfer or we accept cash. If you bank transfer, please email the receipt of the bank payment to awgtpetresort@outlook.com.

We only accept online bookings.

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