Dog Training


Does your dog take you for a walk or have behavioural problems? We can help with personalised training.

Clinton is a qualified Alpha Dog Trainer. Alpha Dog Training prides itself on the development of teaching and training innovations that are all driven by a genuine motivation to produce realistic and lasting results for customers and their dogs in obedience training, socialisation/confidence and behavioural problem-solving.

Every dog is different and has a personality of their own, which means their training needs are often individual. The Alpha Dog Training system is aimed at helping you learn more about your own dog, and dogs in general. The actual training skills that you and your dog learn should be viewed as a new language that is used to develop a bond, and understanding that extends far beyond any of the exercises ever taught.

We welcome our customers to get in touch with us to discuss what level of training is required and what issues and concerns you and your dog are experiencing.

Training Packages include:

  • One on one training
  • Two week intense training program
  • Group training
  • Puppy school fun days

Please call for an appointment at 0472 578 921

Our friendly kennel can welcome you at 8am on any day.